Meet Heidi and Candi

It all started when Candi interviewed her grandfather—Nicholas Wozney—and created a storybook about his life for his eightieth birthday.
From that idea a company was born, books were published and lives were changed forever. One of those lives was Heidi's. She followed Candi's lead during the company's infant stages, interviewed her dear grandma—Fern Wilcox—and created a storybook for her.
The driving force for each woman is their love and admiration for their grandparents. They both wanted to ensure that their unborn children would have the opportunity to come to know their great grandparents that they would never meet.

Our story

Heidi & Candi

Their story is one that began over twenty years ago, back when the world of digital printing didn't exist. Candi and Heidi paved the way for personalized printed storybooks.
When fiber optic internet was only a dream and dial-up was the reality, Heidi and Candi started a movement and company to allow people to record their important family stories and publish them in hardbound storybooks.
They soon realized that many stories were still not being told. They found that people had good intentions but never followed through, due to other things that took priority. They realized that THE greatest generation on the earth today was dying out before their stories could be captured!
They made it their mission to tell those stories.
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